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    Best Ice Fishing Flasher Reviews 2020

    The best-rated ice fishing flasher reviews are in the house! We looked at the latest and greatest to give you an idea of the best ice fishing flashers for the money. After all, when it comes to actually catching slabs and getting them on the ice and making your friends look like jealous amateurs, it’s […] More

  • ice jigs

    How To Choose The Right Ice Fishing Jig

    Choosing the right ice fishing jig can have a huge impact on your catch for the day. How many times have you sat there and watched your friend pull in fish after fish while you struggled to get even a nibble? In many cases it’s the jig that makes the difference. Here are some quick […] More

  • how to sharpen ice jigs

    Hook Sharpening Tips For Ice Fishing

    One of the best ways to lose that slab panfish or monster walleye or northern that’s hanging from your tip-up is to use dull hooks. Sharp hooks are especially important when ice fishing because such a light line is used that the hook set can’t be too aggressive. Set the hook too hard and the […] More

  • how to build an ice shanty

    Ice Shanty Plans To Build Your Own

    If you want to learn how to build an ice fishing shanty, you have come to the right place. Here is some information that will help you when you are looking to purchase an ice fishing shack. One of the most important things to look for when purchasing an ice shack is the durability. Look […] More

  • ice shack plans

    How To Build An Ice Fishing Shack

    If you are a person with a love for the outdoors and building things outdoors, or a person who wants to build something outdoors but is not skilled at DIY, then an ice shack can be a great project. If you are looking for a unique and beautiful piece of work that is not only […] More

  • ice fishing northern pike

    How To Ice Fish For Northern Pike

    You’ve been reading about how to catch Northern Pike, but do you know what to do when you finally get your catch? Well, the answer is a pretty simple one, but you really have to know the right thing to do to properly take care of your fish. It’s important that you know how to […] More

  • crappie ice fishing

    How To Ice Fish For Crappie

    Knowing how to catch crappie is essential to have good luck with your bass fishing trips. I like to use Jigs, Waxworms and Minnows for bass fishing with crappies. I like to use these baits for three reasons. Use Waxworms and Minnows in the deeper water around structure. This will help to target bluegills, perch […] More

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    Basic Ice Fishing Gear

    If you are thinking about learning how to fish with ice fishing equipment and ice augers, there are several different types that you can purchase and each one has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Some of the things that you will need to include some ice fishing rods and reels, some basic ice […] More