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Best Ice Fishing Flasher Reviews 2020

top rated ice flashers

The best-rated ice fishing flasher reviews are in the house! We looked at the latest and greatest to give you an idea of the best ice fishing flashers for the money.

After all, when it comes to actually catching slabs and getting them on the ice and making your friends look like jealous amateurs, it’s tough to beat a good ice fishing sonar unit to give you an advantage and keep you on top of your game!

The top reviewed ice fishing flashers will have:

  • An easy to read battery power level display
  • A day and night mode for easier viewing in different light conditions
  • Power provided by a rechargeable lead-acid or lithium battery
  • A maximum depth range of at least 200 feet with sensitivity adjustable to find even the smallest ice fishing jigs and baits

One of the hottest trends in ice fishing flashers right now is side scan transducer technology which allows the user to scan to the left and right of the ice hole vs traditional sonar which scans straight down in a cone.

top rated ice flashersThe side scan option can be very useful when looking for pockets of fish or specific structure. Instead of drilling a ton of holes, one can simply use the side-scan sonar to inspect the surrounding area and locate any fish cruising around under the ice.

Of course, the side-scan technology comes at a price, and as most ice fishing flasher reviews reveal, the price for this new technology can be quite steep!

Humminbird ICE H5 HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 FB Fish Finder

Humminbird’s ICE HELIX ice fishing flashers are truly unique because they allow the angler a split-screen view with a traditional flasher and a 2D sonar on the screen at the same time. With the system memory the action can actually be played and examined to see what type of lure action caused a fish to bite.

The ICE HELIX flashers can also be adapted for boat fishing in the summer months. How cool is that!?

Vexilar’s GP1812 FL18

When it comes to ease of use and a simple learning curve the Vexilar FL18 is a tough flasher to beat. With a 3-color LED, 9-hour battery and depth range down to 200 feet, the FL18 is a great option at an affordable price.

MarCum M5 Flasher System 

The dual-beam Marcum M5 ice fishing flasher is an easy to use and dependable workhorse that’s available with a lead core or lithium battery.

Max depth range is 160′ and the M5 features 12 step interference protection to make fishing near friends and family easy to do with no worries of interference from other nearby flashers or sonar units.

MarCum Vanguard LX-7

Hunting frozen water fish is made much easier with the MarCum Vanguard LX-7 on your team! With fully adjustable window views and a wide variety of screen options and graph displays the LX-7 uses an 8 to 20-degree cone angle to put you on the fish fast and easy!

Vexillar FLX-28 Ice Fishing Flasher

With its digital depth display coupled with a handy auto range setting and a 300 foot max range, the Vexillar FLX-28 gets top reviews. The day/night mode is a great option for saving battery power and the voltage level is displayed with low battery alerts.

Humminbird ICE-35

The Humminbird ICE-35 is another solid choice for ice anglers on the hunt for an affordable dual beam sonar flasher that is sensitive enough to ID structure, fish and your ice fishing jig.

Vexilar FL-18 Pro Pack 2

With its digital depth display coupled with a handy auto range setting and a 300-foot max range, the Vexillar FLX-28 gets top reviews. The day/night mode is a great option for saving battery power and the voltage level is displayed with low battery alerts.

Our top pick for cheap ice fishing flashers

If you’re pinching pennies there are still some solid options for getting your limit of panfish this winter with these low-cost ice fishing flashers that are proven performers.

MarCum LX-i Handheld Depth Finder

For fast and furious through the ice depth readings the MarCum LX-I handheld sonar unit is tough to beat as a bargain-priced ice fishing flasher. The easy to read LCD screen displays power level and depth. The LX-I features a 12-degree sonar cone with the power to read depths down to 300 feet.

Garmin Striker 4 GPS Ice Flasher

This low-cost Ice fishing flasher is a solid choice for ice anglers on a budget. The Striker 4 is easy to use with built-in GPS for finding drop-offs, cribs, and other structures under the ice. Garmin’s CHIRP sonar creates detailed sonar images that reviewers rave about.

Ice fishing flashers have come a long way over the years. They used to be heavy, cumbersome, with low run times and tons of interference when fishing near other anglers.

reviews of ice fishing sonar flashers

With the lithium technology, improved sonar, and advanced electronics in today’s ice fishing flashers it’s now possible to get serious performance for a fraction of the cost of even a few years back.

The high definition LCD technology is also puching ice fishing flasher and sonar manufacturers to new limits. Multi-screen and split screen ice flashers are now a reality out on the ice.

The ability to switch from side screen 2D to a standard round flasher view with the touch of a button is a huge plus for ice anglers.

And the new side-scan technology continues to break barriers, allowing ice anglers a snapshot of the water column in practically all directions. Run and gun ice fishing for schools of walleye moving around a lake are now a reality in today’s ice fishing world, and that is just plain awesome!

And as technology continues to advance so will the portability and effectiveness of the best-rated ice fishing flashers.

Written by Shane Frabill

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